Appian vs Pega:

Discover Why Enterprises Choose Appian

Appian’s low-code platform offers speed, simplicity and low cost of ownership – all without compromising power. There is a better way to build intelligent, high impact enterprise applications.

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Census Dumps Pega for Census Count Over Scalability Failure

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Enterprise apps FAST, guaranteed.

How fast is Appian? Real fast. Appian guarantees first enterprise delivery in under eight weeks.

The Appian Guarantee

The Appian Guarantee

We built our first application in about 6 weeks. Now we’re at the point where we can build an application in a day.


Modern and simple architecture.

Why try to fit your organization into a “layer cake”? While Pega is hard to build and even slower to change, Appian gives you the freedom to build applications in a way that makes sense for you and your organization — driven by your data, processes, and the people who depend on them.

Enterprise Low-Code Development

Peace of mind with the industry's most trusted cloud.

Cloud Security Certifications

Qualsys, a leading information security and compliance group, consistently finds security gaps in Pega Cloud customers. Appian provides best-in-class enterprise security and support for all cloud customers. It is no wonder why most of Appian customers choose to run on the cloud.

Appian Trust Center

Unified data, not live data silos.

Appian allows data to act as stand-alone objects, reusable across all your apps and processes, and without the tedious task of importing all your data into our platform. Pega doesn’t treat data as a first-class citizen—and even encourages data silos. With Appian, you can achieve a full 360 view of your entire organization.

Appian Records

One platform, open standards.

Appian gives you the choice of which leading technology to integrate with and how. This means you can leverage (among others) Blue Prism for RPA; AWS, Google, and Microsoft for AI; and Twilio for communication channels–all under one platform. Why settle when you can capture the latest innovations in AI, robotics, blockchain, and IoT from the industry leaders?

Appian RPA VIDEO: Appian RPA

The happiness factor.

Customer references also indicated a higher degree of satisfaction with their overall platform experience, compared with the other vendors surveyed.

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