Appian Affinity Groups


Foster and support the community of women and allies to maximize a positive impact for Appian.

  • Lean In Circles
    Through an inclusive approach, this program brings together small groups of women who meet monthly to explore professional topics and exchange personal experiences in an atmosphere of confidentiality and trust.
  • Workshops
    In an effort to foster and support personal and professional development, AppianWOMEN aims to provide opportunities for women to perform at their highest degree through internal workshops that will heighten skills such as networking, negotiation, small talk training, and more.
  • Community
    An overarching goal for AppianWOMEN is to create a more inclusive environment, bringing together both women and allies.


To celebrate and foster a safe, equal and affirmative environment within the larger Appian community and beyond; to attract, retain, and develop employees within the LGBTQIA community.

  • Supportive Culture
    As Appian continues to grow and further establish a global brand, we are explicitly committed to running an organized and evolving committee, formal initiatives, continued education, and community-wide awareness for LGBTQIA individuals, issues, and organizations.
  • Promote Awareness
    In the effort to more broadly recognize and support our employees’ identities, Appian has installed gender-neutral bathroom signs, and has added a preferred pronouns feature to our Home profiles.
  • Group Outings
    In addition to internal events (lunches, happy hours, etc.), AppianPRIDE organizes and attends external professional and social functions.


Minimize Appian’s environmental footprint by helping our team mates reduce, reuse and recycle across our business.

  • Support the Environment
    From carpooling to catered food we have employees laser focused on minimizing our overall environmental impact.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
    Through education and awareness in our facilities we are maximizing the recycling yield in our offices.
  • Volunteer
    Connect with employees that share the same passion both inside and outside of work.