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Low-Code for High Performance: Uptooling to Create Better Customer Experiences

June 30, 2020   |   Customer Experience Magazine

There has never been a more critical moment to get automation right. As businesses brace for a rough road ahead, simply using technology as a means to streamline manual processes, cut costs and reduce human errors is no longer enough.

Three Tips For Partnering With A Data Service Provider

June 25, 2020   |   Forbes

Data informs business. Organizations need to give employees, algorithms, partners and customers quick, reliable access to the information they need to make fast decisions in real-time. Market trades, inventory orders, metered pricing, fleet management and routing, server capacity — they are all based on the analysis of data.

U of South Florida Co-developing App for COVID-19-Safe Campus Returns

June 22, 2020   |   Campus Technology

A Florida university is working with a software company to produce a mobile application to help campuses manage data on the health of their returning communities.

Need help with reopening your business after COVID-19? There are apps for that

June 21, 2020   |   Fortune

Many businesses are preparing to reopen their offices to employees after months of remote work due to the coronavirus pandemic. To help with the logistical challenges, companies can use several recently introduced apps to tackle problems inherent in trying to return to some normalcy, even as the epidemic gains momentum in several states.