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Low-code is a new approach to building unique business applications – fast. With a low-code development platform, you don’t code an application line-by-line, you draw it -- like a flowchart. This makes developing powerful new applications quick and intuitive.

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What's Your Digital Posture?

There's a lot of confusion about what digital business transformation really means. There's even more confusion about how to make it work. In this video, MWD Advisors Principal Neil Ward-Dutton gives you the fundamental starting point for success. Without the right starting posture, you'll never get where you want to go.

Addressing the Custom App Challenge

History says custom apps are hard, slow, and expensive...But history has changed. Appian makes building, launching, using, and changing powerful enterprise apps easy.

Turn Ideas Into Innovation with Appian Quick Apps

What if you could quickly turn all your great ideas into real innovation? Can you imagine the possibilities? Quick Apps makes it happen in three easy steps. Check it out!

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Low code development: Is this the future of enterprise apps?

Low-code development aims to make it easier to build applications by removing as much of the hand-coding as possible. Such initiatives become even more important as companies have to build applications to work across a wider range of devices, including smartphones.

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The Business Case For Low-Code Development

Is attempting to solve lots of problems at once using a single platform considered expensive or cheap? It depends, of course, on the platform, the fit to your needs, and how you make use of it. In the current environment where the landscape of apps is growing in every arena, the challenge is to figure […]

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How One University Uses Low-Code Development to Speed Up Its Processes

The University of South Florida needed a way to improve processes, eliminate waste and enhance the user experience. Here’s how a low-code platform helped the university do just that.

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Building an App with No Coding: Myth or Reality?

Low-code application development platforms from Appian, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Zoho face off in an hour-long app building test. How many make it out with a working app?

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Learn the Secrets of Low-Code

Even though it’s only been around a short time, Low-Code development has evolved as a faster way to build and deploy cutting-edge business apps.

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