Case Management Components

Case Management Software

Dynamic. Because that’s how you operate.

Interactions between people, process, data, and content can be dynamic, ad hoc, and unpredictable. Unify these interactions for better, faster, smarter decisions.

Support all styles of case work—including?Investigations, Incident Management, Service Requests, and Process to Decision—with the Appian low-code automation platform.

What is Case Management, and how can it help you?


Laptop with a case management investigative report


When you have little structured process, but a well-defined business goal.

Appian Records
Converge all case information—including data, processes, and collaborations—in a single drillable summary.

Advanced Content Management
Streamline information capture, control, and use. Plus, it’s?included.

Real-time Analytics and Reporting
Stay on top of key performance indicators and metrics.

Case Dashboards
Ease performance monitoring and sustain improvement.

Laptop showing social collaboration

Incident Management

When you have high-level process, but need flexibility and collaboration.

Social Collaboration
Uncover?all information and context?to drive more effective action.

Social Tasks
Allow users to assign ad-hoc tasks for faster?case actions.

Increase awareness of processes and information to speed case resolution.

Record Tags
Add context to case collaborations for a clearer picture.

Document Sharing
Quickly and securely share appropriate case files.

Laptop and four mobile devices all showing versions of the same case

Service Requests

When you have structure, but context is not well known at the starting point.

Intuitive User Interface
Ease-of-use translates to faster stakeholder buy-in.

Instant Access
Access?needed information—on any device, at any time—and improve performance.

Smart Alerts
Keep stakeholders perpetually in-the-know.

Enterprise Mobility
Equalize?the ability to get more done, in the office and in the field.

Task Management
Get the right work done by the most qualified person.

Laptop and tablet showing a case management process to decision

Process to Decision

When there is a predictable, reliable path, but you need flexibility to handle the unexpected.

Graphical Design
Quickly visualize case logic for fast?changes.

Reporting and Analytics
Provide visibility to enable informed change.

Dynamic Business Rules
Tackle?complex decisions, no matter what comes your way.

Scalable Platform
Adapt and grow with your business.

Fast Integration
Make connecting information easy.

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