A Toast to a Fine Pair

Cheers to a Fine Pair

Beer and chocolate might not be the first combination that comes to mind when considering possible pairings, yet there’s much to be gained from this underrated match up.

Craftsmanship is the key word underpinning both LINDT EXCELLENCE and the Cape Brewing Company’s highly acclaimed craft beer, and it can be felt in every note, aroma and undertone of this intense and refreshing pairing.

From the fruity flavours of German Weiss beers to the maltier, more intense characteristics of Pale Ale, there’s a perfect match for every EXCELLENCE slab.

Here’s our LINDT Master Chocolatier’s guide to this intriguing pairing:

This fruity and aromatic brew is beautifully complemented by the smooth and expertly blended taste of EXCELLENCE Mild 70%, which beautifully offsets the beer’s slight sharpness, and delicately enhances notes of clove and banana to delicious effect.

This American-style craft beer’s strong malty backbone makes it a perfect match for EXCELLENCE Caramel with a Touch of Sea Salt The caramel malt found in the hops uplifts the sweet notes of the chocolate to create an intense and well balanced sensory experience with an enticing salty kick.

A light, easy drinking beer with a surprisingly tangy twist, CBC Krystal Weiss is well matched with EXCELLENCE Lime Intense, their respective citrus flavours elevating one another to produce a rich and unforgettable sensory symphony. Flecks of lime zest play off the lemon and grapefruit flavours of the Weiss Beer to create a summery flavour combination perfect for lazy days spent in the sunshine

Sweet and refreshing, this flirty, flavourful beer is expertly tempered by the spicy undertones of EXCELLENCE Chilli, which moderate the brew’s slight sweetness to produce a surprising depth of flavour. A bold match up of sugar and spice, this is a pairing that can be enjoyed no matter the time or the season.